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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Gokak Pincode / Post Office Search (BELGAUM, Karnataka)

Ankalgi S.O 591101GokakKarnataka
Avaradi B.O 591227GokakKarnataka
Badigwad B.O 591306GokakKarnataka
Betageri B.O 591233GokakKarnataka
Bhairnatti B.O 591227GokakKarnataka
Chiknandi B.O 591233GokakKarnataka
Dharmatti B.O 591312GokakKarnataka
Dhupdal S.O 591218GokakKarnataka
Duradundi B.O 591307GokakKarnataka
Fulgaddi B.O 591224GokakKarnataka
Gokak Fort S.O 591307GokakKarnataka
Gokak H.O 591307GokakKarnataka
Gosbal B.O 591227GokakKarnataka
Gubalgudda B.O 591307GokakKarnataka
Gudas B.O 591307GokakKarnataka
Gurlapur B.O 591312GokakKarnataka
Hadiginal B.O 591307GokakKarnataka
Hallur B.O 591312GokakKarnataka
Honakuppi B.O 591227GokakKarnataka
Kaitnal B.O 591344GokakKarnataka
Kalliguddi B.O 591227GokakKarnataka
Kalloli S.O 591224GokakKarnataka
Kamaldinni B.O 591312GokakKarnataka
Kaujalgi S.O 591227GokakKarnataka
Kemmankol B.O 591233GokakKarnataka
Khanatti B.O 591312GokakKarnataka
Khandratti B.O 591233GokakKarnataka
Khangaon S.O 591344GokakKarnataka
Kolvi B.O 591344GokakKarnataka
Kotabagi B.O 591307GokakKarnataka
Kulgod B.O 591136GokakKarnataka
Kundargi B.O 591122GokakKarnataka
Lolsur B.O 591307GokakKarnataka
Madwal B.O 591101GokakKarnataka
Makkalgeri B.O 591344GokakKarnataka
Maldinni B.O 591233GokakKarnataka
Mamadapur S.O 591233GokakKarnataka
Mannikeri B.O 591227GokakKarnataka
Maradimath B.O 591231GokakKarnataka
Masaguppi B.O 591312GokakKarnataka
Melvanki B.O 591307GokakKarnataka
Mudalgi S.O 591312GokakKarnataka
Munyal B.O 591312GokakKarnataka
Naganur B.O 591224GokakKarnataka
Nallanatti B.O 591307GokakKarnataka
Nandgaon B.O 591231GokakKarnataka
Pamaldinni B.O 591306GokakKarnataka
Patagundi B.O 591312GokakKarnataka
Rajapur B.O 591224GokakKarnataka
Sangankeri B.O 591224GokakKarnataka
Shivapur H B.O 591312GokakKarnataka
Shivapur K B.O 591231GokakKarnataka
Suldhal B.O 591101GokakKarnataka
Sunadholi B.O 591227GokakKarnataka
Talakatnal B.O 591233GokakKarnataka
Tavag B.O 591101GokakKarnataka
Tigadi B.O 591227GokakKarnataka
Tukkanatti B.O 591224GokakKarnataka
Venkatapur B.O 591227GokakKarnataka
Waderhatti B.O 591224GokakKarnataka
Yadwad S.O 591136GokakKarnataka
Yaragudri B.O 591136GokakKarnataka
Zangatihal B.O 591307GokakKarnataka

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